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14th October 2011 | Posted by Angie
New affiliate added! Got Yaoi? ~For all you BL fans out there ♥

12th February 2010 | Posted by Angie
There has been problems with the update form because the country field was disabled and so I have now enabled it in the join form; which has fixed the problem!

14th November 2009 | Posted by Angie
New layout (at last) up! Upgraded everything to Enthusiast ♥ if there are any problems, please email me to let me know!

11th November 2009 | Posted by Angie
MOVED! The new URL is Upgraded to enthusiast + New layout on the way!!

10th November 2009 | Posted by Angie
Shozoku; the owned is MOVING! It is official, fanbase has died and the join form no longer works. I'm going to convert to enthusiast, so I will be moving the site over to

8th October 2009 | Posted by Angie
Added a new affiliate, Clain your CHINPO ~ Claim your bishonen's chinpo ! join, join!! ♥

9th September 2009 | Posted by Angie
Added a new affiliate, I get the Feeling ~ Anime Songs Claiming Rotation! Go fourth and join!! ♥

22nd January 2009 | Posted by Angie
First update of the new year! We had a new affie, My Last Wish a character claiming button rotation. Please do join!

19th October 2008 | Posted by Angie
The update form has been down for sometime, so please do re-submit. I'm going to be attempting to convert to enthusiast for sure now. New affiliate added, My Superhero!

11th August 2008 | Posted by Angie
We have another new affie! A very new-to-the-web clique (so please do join!), To Be dedicated to showing off which anime character you'd most like to be!!.

14th April 2008 | Posted by Angie
Added another new affie: Bishie-Graphics!

21st January 2008 | Posted by Angie
Added new affie: Amorous - a bishounen-claiming rotation!

1st September 2007 | Posted by Angie
Ah! I'm so sorry about the join form problem! It is now working so all new members are now welcome and again I am really sorry about the form not working like that! eee!! Thanks for all the emails guys I'm really grateful!

15th January 2007 | Posted by Angie
I've added another new affie: Silver Haired Bishies Clique - gotta love all them silver adonis ^_~ Ahh! Sesshoumaru-sama.... Go join NOW!

20th November 2006 | Posted by Angie
Sorry for the delay in getting all new members added, there are some still pending due to the fact their sites are on hiatus- I also have another new affie, Bishie Whores! I say we fans of bishounen need to stick together! So show some support and join! Note: You can find all my affiliates by going to the extras section.

29th October 2006 | Posted by Angie
I've added two new affiliates; Miko & Yami - I shall get around to adding members this week and update forms ASAP!

2nd September 2006 | Posted by Angie
Welcome to our latest new affiliate, Wish You Were Here - a banner exchange where you can show your love for a fictional character. If you've ever thought you'd be best friends with, had so many things in common with, or simply desired to know a fictional character, this is the place for you! Go join NOW!

30th July 2006 | Posted by Angie
Added another new affiliate, Bishie Obsessed Clique!

17th May 2006 | Posted by Angie
Welcome to our very first affiliate: Shounen Clique // Webring!

20th April 2006 | Posted by Angie
Well this would have been up a few weeks ago, if it weren't for my computer troubles. But without further adue; welcome to the much needed new look and updated Shozoku; the owned! I plan on doing a member check sometime today too, after moving from my old database to the new one.

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