1. Your Owner must be anime or game related.
  2. The maximum amount of listed owners you can have is two.
  3. Aliases are fine, but try to keep them realistic. Anything outrageous, sTicKy CapPed, or with large amounts of special characters will be edited.
  4. You must include a full working email address; you have a choice of hiding or showing it.
  5. You are not required to have a website in order to join this fanclique, but if you do have a site and would like it linked in the members list, place a code somewhere on your site.
  6. Try to put the code on your site before (or at least as soon as possible) after joining. If I check your site and the code isn't there, I will list you, but not your site.
  7. NO DIRECT LINKING! Unsure what that means? here to read more.
  8. If you need to update your membership info, please use the update form and not the join form.
  9. I will not link sites containing hentai, racist, illigal material or anything I see fit as offensive.


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